Western Herbal Remedy for Hemorrhoids

There’s a western herbal remedy for hemorrhoids. 

Western Herbal Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Ask the doctor about it. It could be worth a try.

The western herbal remedy of hemorrhoids deals more with soothing and cooling effects to pacify hemorrhoids discomfort and irritation. 

The wonder of it all is that, unlike eastern herbal remedies that are often hard to find from local drugstores, most western herbal remedy ingredients are available in the same.

For instance, Bovine Cartilage is a two percent suppository inserted deep into the rectal path to lessen hard stools or aid in smoothening bowel movement. 

It is in capsules of 2.2-gram strength to be applied three times a day. This is a wonderful western herbal remedy for constipation sufferers.

Butcher’s broom is another western herbal remedy for hemorrhoids. Concoct a mixture of this western herbal remedy and apply it topically. 

This relieves itching and heat sensations of hemorrhoids. Camphor is a solution gently rubbed topically, or applied by gentle pressing. Do this about 3 to 4 times a day. 

Percentage use is 0.1-3 percent. This is a soothing western herbal remedy for hemorrhoids.

Diosmin is a citrus bioflavinoid derivative of 1350mg strength. Coupled with Hesperidin of 150mg strength, take them two times a day for 4 consecutive days. 

Follow this with a stronger Diosmin of 900mg strength along with Hesperidin of 100mg strength, and take two times a day for 3 successive days.

If hemorrhoids relapse is the problem, try this much stronger western herbal remedy: 

Diosmin 450mg coupled with Hesperidin with 50mg strength. Take two times a day for three months. 

One can also try Hesperidin, another citrus bioflavinoid, taken together with Diosmin as above. 

Peru Balsam can be a daily supplement applied topically. Apply preparations of 5 to 20 percent. 

If this western herbal remedy liquid is also applied all over the body, prepare a weaker solution of less than ten percent.

Five grams of dried Poplar buds applied on the skin of affected areas can soothe like magic. 

Put enough sweet clover flowers in a clean linen cloth and wrap to keep the flowers intact. Soak it in hot water and apply it to the painful area. Do this 3 to 4 times each day. 

Witch hazel is another western herbal remedy for hemorrhoids that is easy to apply topically for soothing relief several times a day. This is available in most drug stores.

Western herbal remedy options are convenient in that they are easy to find and simple to apply. They help relieve hemorrhoids discomfort. But consult the doctor first.

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