Hemorrhoids Home Remedies that will Lighten the Itching and Pain

Here Are Some Hemorrhoids Home Remedies

Hemorrhoids Home Remedies that will Lighten the Itching and Pain

In the anal canal are vascular structures called hemorrhoids. 

These assist in stool management but once swollen, they develop into a pathological state. 

Pathological hemorrhoids can be treated at home using some hemorrhoids home remedies through practicing healthy bowel movement habits. 

Improving one’s hygiene after defecation can help prevent the occurrence of pathological hemorrhoids or alleviate its symptoms.

Pathological hemorrhoids are painful due to the swelling of the veins in the rectal or anal area. 

These are commonly developed during pregnancy and childbirth because of the added pressure experienced by the anal veins. 

Other causes of hemorrhoids include straining during defecation, anal infection, liver cirrhosis, constipation, and long periods of sitting. 

The symptoms experienced depend on whether the hemorrhoids are located internally or externally. In order to keep the symptoms from worsening, here are some hemorrhoids Home remedies :

Clean the anus with toilet paper, baby wipes, or pre-moistened towels without perfumes.

After defecating, clean the anus with enough toilet paper that has been moistened with water. Alternatives to this include baby wipes and pre-moistened towels. 

Do not use those with perfumes since this may cause further irritation and swell in your anal area. Be gentle when wiping your anus; avoid rubbing it. 

Instead of wiping your anus, you can also rinse in the shower with unscented soaps. Gently wipe the anal area with a soft and absorbent fabric.

Indulge in sitz baths

This is the type of bath wherein the water level is up to your hips as you sit in the tub. However, in order to alleviate your hemorrhoids, it is enough to fill the tub up to the level covering your anal area. 

Take extra caution in the temperature of the water so that you would not be burnt. Take a sitz bath many times a day for about 15 minutes. 

It is advisable to be done every after a bowel movement. Sitz baths relieve pain and itching.

Apply ice on the swollen area followed by a warm compress
 When your hemorrhoids are itchy and painful, you can apply ice at about 10 minutes. 

After this, apply a warm compress for another 10 or 20 minutes. Do this several times per day to reduce the occurrences of itching and pain.

Observe your position and your clothing

Prevent from standing and sitting for long periods as this may put extra pressure on your anal area. 

If you need to sit for many hours, sit on a pillow. If you are pregnant, lying on your side will alleviate the pain. 

If you are not, lie on your stomach with a pillow under your hips. Always wear underwear made from cotton to avoid moisture from building up. 

Wear clothes that are loose so that you can move freely and ease pressure on the swollen area.

Practicing good bowel movement habits early on will help prevent the development of hemorrhoids and decrease its symptoms in case you already have these. 

However, if symptoms persist or worsen even if you have maintained healthy habits, then you need to see a doctor immediately. 

You can be prescribed heat treatments to reduce the size of the hemorrhoids or surgical procedures if your condition is critical.

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