10 Best ways to Have a Cure for Piles!

What options you have to find a cure for piles?

10 Best ways to Have a Cure for Piles!

Hemorrhoids or piles are the common names of a condition in which the hemorrhoids are swollen and make it painful and difficult to pass stool and so makes one find a cure for piles

Although it is extremely rare to be life-threatening the pain, irritation, discomfort and the common chances of these ailments presenting itself need it to be treated as soon as possible. 

If you are suffering from piles it is recommended that you either follow a medical procedure to get rid of it or find a home remedy as to a cure for piles.

Home Remedies as a cure for piles:

  • Blackberries are considered one of the best permanent cure for piles. Eating them in their season with salts every year would be a cure for piles and continued practice of this every year would greatly reduce the recurring of hemorrhoids.
  • Half a tablespoon of ginger juice with a tablespoon of fresh lime extracts, mint extracts, and honey would be another known cure for piles and a continued practice would reduce the chances of recurring piles.
  • Turnip juice is also found to be a cure for piles and 150ml of it daily would start to show results within days.
  • Witch hazel is a herb found very effective as a cure for piles but instead of taking it orally in form of fluids, make a paste of it and apply directly over the anal area which is affected to find relief and help in curing piles.
  • The mixture of radish (grind it first) with milk would form a paste and applying it to the region where hemorrhoids are visible would greatly help as a cure for piles.

Medical Treatments as a cure for piles :

Although home remedies to cure hemorrhoids are great but if some people prefer more scientific methods to find a cure for piles so here are they:

  • Sitz bath is recommended for relieving the pain and discomfort caused by piles. Some people find warm water relieving while some find cold water better and in some cases altering between warm and cold water is preferable for people.
  • Rubber band litigation method involves putting the band around the hemorrhoids to cut off the blood flow causing the lump of piles to die in a few days and removed. It is one of the most successful ways but there is pain involved in it and recovery period.
  • You can buy pads from the medical stores which have witch hazel and aloe vera and wearing these would be a good cure for piles.
  • Sclerotherapy is another method where hemorrhoids are injected with chemicals that would, first, reduce it and, second, make shrivel and go back to normal.
  • Surgery is not highly recommended but it is the only option in severe cases of piles. It is a painful procedure and needs a lot of time to recover but it is the surest cure for piles. Although it won't necessarily be a permanent solution it is best if you need to find a cure for piles in extreme cases.

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