How to cure Bleeding Hemorrhoids ?

Cure Bleeding Hemorrhoids

How to cure Bleeding Hemorrhoids ?

Bleeding Hemorrhoids is an infection that causes pain as a result of swelling of veins in your anus. 

Hemorrhoids are very painful and occur due to a number of reasons. 

They can occur due to weakening of the vein walls, sitting in the same posture too long, constipation, too much alcohol, caffeine or pregnancy. 

Hemorrhoids can be mild or severe. Mild hemorrhoids can be treated by various methods like home remedies however, severe cases require immediate doctors' attention.

Bleeding Hemorrhoids Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids include itching, discomfort, swelling and bleeding in cases where the veins have raptured. 

Individuals suffering from hemorrhoids may experience pain when emptying the bowel or when sitting. 

When it comes to treating hemorrhoids you have to first identify the cause of the condition in order to apply proper medication. 

The cause of Bleeding Hemorrhoids can either be internal or external or both some cases although very rare. 

The health expert can do some diagnosis test to identify what causes the itching or bleeding in your rectum. 

The doctor can perform a stool guaiac test or rectal exam to determine the presence of hemorrhoids.

A hemorrhoid is a bulging vein that occurs in the lower parts of the anus or rectum. 

at this point, the veins itch due to the swelling and can be very painful depending on the bulging. 

When the veins burst they can be severely painful. Over the counter drugs can be used to treat hemorrhoids that are not serious in nature. 

There are creams that can be applied as well as prescriptions that offer temporary relief.

When hemorrhoid condition is at an advanced stage i.e. bleeding, over the counter prescriptions cannot be used. 

Immediate doctor’s attention is recommended in order to stop the bleeding. 

The physician will provide proper medication that will help in providing faster treatment as well as relief to the bleeding problem. 

When using hemorrhoids medication you should be patient for you to notice reasonable changes in the condition. 

There are medications that are meant to slow the bleeding down while there are other medications that are meant to provide pain relief as well as ease other symptoms.

Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment

There are home remedies that can be used to treat hemorrhoids. 

Keep in mind that home remedies can only be used when the condition is mild. 

In case of any bleeding kindly seek the doctor’s assistance. Hemorrhoids are not a rare condition. 

Bleeding is also a very common symptom that should not cause panic. 

It is important to seek the doctor’s attention so as to identify the cause of bleeding hemorrhoids. 

Sometimes it may be caused by an underlying medical condition. In sever hemorrhoid treatment where medication doesn’t work surgery is the only remedy.

Despite all these treatment alternatives, prevention remains to be the best remedy. 

The amount of blood associated with hemorrhoids can be quite frightening. 

Clean the bleeding area with a soft piece of clothing carefully so as not to cause more injuries. This will help in preventing the spread of the condition.

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