Home treatment for hemorrhoids with honey mixture

Are you looking for easy-to-use home treatment for hemorrhoids to curb the symptoms of bleeding, itching, and inflammation?

Home treatment for hemorrhoids with honey mixture

Looking for a cure for hemorrhoids can be frustrating, especially if you are a chronic sufferer. You want to end those unbearable symptoms fast, but somehow to over the counter ointments and creams just couldn’t keep the piles under control.

It’s understandable if you are trying to seek alternative solutions to your debilitating condition. 

There are many different hemorrhoids natural remedies and folk remedies out there to help.

When it comes to hemorrhoids home treatment, you would want to be cautious about the ingredients used. Firstly, are the ingredients natural and safe for use? Secondly, are they easily available? And thirdly, are they affordable?

Below is a ‘recipe’ used by a clinical study, which I think should make a cost-effective home treatment for hemorrhoids. A little bit about the study is written below.

A small study conducted by the Al-Waili’s Foundation for Science and Trading showed that a honey mixture is useful in the management of hemorrhoids and anal fissure.

In that study, fifteen hemorrhoids sufferers aged between 28 to 70 years, who were experiencing anal fissure or first- to third-degree hemorrhoids, were all treated with a natural mixture containing honey, olive oil and beeswax mixed in equal ratio, and applied topically on the affected area.

After 4 weeks, patients with hemorrhoids reported that the honey mixture significantly reduced the bleeding and relieved the itching of their piles. 

Patients with anal fissure also observed a significant reduction in pain, bleeding, and itching after the treatment. The treatment did not cause any side effect in those patients nor cause their symptoms to become worse.

The study, although small and the first time conducted, showed that the honey mixture has therapeutic effects on hemorrhoids and anal fissure. This is mainly due to the antibacterial properties of the mixture.

As beeswax, honey and olive oil are ingredients that can be easily bought from your local stores, they made an easy, cheap and potentially effective home treatment for hemorrhoids that you can try out yourself.

Previously, the same mixture has been found to be also effective in treating diaper rashes, psoriasis, eczema and skin fungal infection.

Honey and honey mixture apparently could inhibit the growth of bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans, both of which are naturally present in our anogenital area but can cause serious infections if there is a tear or wound on the skin.

If your current hemorrhoids ointment or cream is not doing any good to shrink your piles, it’s worth giving this honey mixture a try as a home treatment for hemorrhoids.

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