Hemorrhoids natural remedies – Can water and fruit cure piles?

Are you looking for hemorrhoids natural remedies that work?

Hemorrhoids natural remedies – Can water and fruit cure piles?

While diet and nutrition can offer some help, but you first have to realize that the treatment of hemorrhoids requires a holistic approach. 

Surely a healthy eating habit, such as increasing your water intake and consumption of fruit and fiber, is a good start, but watch out – if you do it the wrong way, you could cause your hemorrhoids to become worse!

If you come across an article providing tips and advice on hemorrhoids natural remedies, among them, you will usually find tips that tell you to drink more water, eat more fruits, and top up your fiber intake.

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However, according to the author of Hemorrhoids Saviour, Janet Pfeiffer, there are things that hemorrhoids sufferers should be aware of about water, fruits, and fiber.


We all know that water lubricates the body and helps the bowel to move more easily. 

When you are able to remove factors that cause constipation, naturally you will reduce the incidence and severity of hemorrhoids.

However, if you drink water at the wrong time and in the wrong way, these so-called hemorrhoid natural remedies can make things worse. 

Drinking too much water with food dilutes the gastric juices, which are essential for proper digestion.

When digestion is affected, your body cannot absorb nutrients well. This can disturb the chemical balance in the intestines, which in turn contributes to hemorrhoids. 

So it’s better to drink water half an hour before meals, or one hour after.


Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals and a host of other beneficial nutrients. This is one of the most popular recommended hemorrhoids natural remedies

But many hemorrhoid sufferers complained that that fruit doesn’t make any difference, but instead causes them stomach pain, gas and bloating.

In contrary to the common habit of eating fruits after a meal, it is advised that fruits are better taken before a meal on an empty stomach. “They digest quickly – faster than any other food group. 
Whereas proteins and fats need about 6 hours, fruits require only one hour, or even less. Consequently, if consumed on top of a meal, the fruit has nowhere to go. It just sits there and ferments, while it waits for the meal ahead of it to digest,” says Janet. That is why many people complain of bloating and stomach aches.

If you eat fruits according to this recommendation, you will have a much better functioning digestive system which will, in turn, help you cure hemorrhoids.

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Fiber has been known for its benefits in lowering cholesterol and maintaining colon health, which assists in the prevention of constipation and then helps to reduce hemorrhoids. But what if you are not constipated?

The truth is, Janet says, constipation does not necessarily happen in all cases of hemorrhoids. 

Hemorrhoids natural remedies actually take on a holistic path, which involves modification of diet and nutrition, as well as addressing the entire digestive system and improving blood circulation of your body. 

All these can be achieved without drugs, side effects or hemorrhoid surgery.

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