Three Hemorrhoid Remedies Most People Ignore

Three Hemorrhoid Remedies Most People Ignore

This may be news for some people, but we have to see that there’s more to life than being too engrossed with hemorrhoid troubles. There are practical ways of dealing with hemorrhoids.

Always go for soft and easy stools. It’s all so easy. The thing is to make the main thing in hemorrhoid treatment the main thing avoid constipation. 

That’s all there is to it, most times at least. Get rid of constipated bowel movement and hemorrhoids won’t even dare take peeks at us. 

What makes us sit there on the throne for eternities, twisting faces and moaning ghoulish grunts just to successfully move bowels? Constipation? Well, not exactly. 

It’s really wrong diets to blame. Too less fiber constipates, that’s the rule. And constipation gives birth to the dreaded hemorrhoids when undue pressures are on our rectal or anal veins. 

If we just keep our diets extra fibrous each meal lots of fruits and veggies, plus fruit juices like pineapple and prune juice we won’t even know how hemorrhoids is spelled. The illness won’t touch us.

Add in some jelly works. Jelly works? Apparently, petroleum jelly (the generic for a gentle cream-like petroleum by-product said to be very harmless and helps in putting a slippery touch on our anal canal) makes things extra effortless at the rectal or anal area. 

Thus, an extra fibrous diet each meal each day (for an extra soft stool), plus an extra slippery anal canal equals an extra efficient bowel movement as easy as one, two, three. 

With a clean cotton swab or bud or your finger, gently spread the jelly work about half an inch deep into the rectum area.

A little self-respect won’t hurt. After the soft stool has emerged from the easy bowel movement next comes cleaning and washing. Some people prefer toilet paper, some washing with soap and water. 

Make sure the water or toilet paper is clean. Some people wet the toilet paper a bit before applying. Just make sure no paper bits are left in the anal area. Modern toilet bowls are fitted with strong but gentle sprinklers. 

This helps for a more thorough cleaning and washing. Never use detergent soaps. Mild non-fragrance soaps are advised. Avoid using rough and scratchy toilet paper. More so, those with chemical irritants. If possible, use colorless or simply white toilet paper.

The point is, to avoid or deal with hemorrhoids, remember to keep fit, eat right, and keep clean. Do this religiously and bid hemorrhoids farewell.

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