How To Cure Bleeding Hemorrhoids?

The Best Natural Cure For Bleeding Hemorrhoids or piles.

The Best Natural Cure For Bleeding Hemorrhoids or piles.

The Best Natural Cure For Bleeding Hemorrhoids or piles.

The Best Natural Cure For Bleeding Hemorrhoids or piles as they are sometimes known, result from varicose veins in the rectum and anus that swell up and sometimes rupture causing bleeding. 

In severe cases, they may require surgery but this can lead to weeks of pain and discomfort. In most cases, a natural or herbal cure for bleeding hemorrhoids will be sufficient.

Causes can be quite obvious and often result from increased blood pressure or external pressure to the area caused by constipation or pregnancy. There could be more complex reasons why the veins would be more susceptible to swelling in some cases and these are not always easy to understand. 

It is quite simple to find a cure for bleeding hemorrhoids but when the condition becomes recurrent it might be necessary to address the underlying causes.

Many people suffer from a condition known as chronic venous insufficiency and this might make them more susceptible to bleeding hemorrhoids because their veins are more inclined to stretch or rupture. 

If the person is in a profession where they are sitting all day then this might also lead to a more common occurrence of the condition. A congested liver might also be a contributing factor and then one should address the cause as well as the resulting condition.

Sometime the causes could be quite severe conditions such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis and then it is more important to treat the underlying cause than the secondary conditions.

Portal hypertension could also be a cause and this is the result of cirrhosis of the liver. If the primary condition is being treated then one could still find relieve from a natural cure for bleeding hemorrhoids.

Physical causes can be alleviated simply by choosing a softer and warmer chair or by improving posture, which can be achieved using the Alexander technique. Even when the cause is as simple as something like constipation, relief can be found very naturally. 

A side effect of the condition might feel like a need to excrete even when the bowels are empty and avoiding the need to strain under these circumstances could bring relief.

Relief from constipation could also be the simplest cure. Adding fiber to your diet would prevent constipation and would consequently relieve symptoms. 

Cleansing the bowels could also bring relief and this could be achieved by a capsicum, garlic or coffee enema. Natural relief from constipation can also be achieved by adding more fiber to the diet. 

Apart from eating more fiber-rich food, you could take psyllium husk with water. Whether more fiber is added to the diet or not it is always good to drink more water.

Other internal remedies might be to drink chamomile tea. The pain, itching, and discharge that could be experienced when suffering from hemorrhoids can also be relieved by bioflavonoids found in citrus fruits. 

Butcher's broom and horse chestnut are also particularly effective but in very rare cases they could have side effects so they should be used with caution. A tea made from buckthorn bark, parsley, stone root, and Collinsonia root and red grape vine leaves would also be very useful.

Applying and external compound can also be a good cure for bleeding hemorrhoids. Aloe vera and olive oil are good for relieving the symptoms of discomfort and witch hazel is particularly useful as it is astringent and anti-inflammatory. 

A salve can also be made from bayberry, myrrh and white oak or lady’s mantle.

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